SMATV System

Satellite Master Antenna Television, generally known as SMATV in the Hospitality industry, is a single antenna satellite TV distribution system (either L-Band or headend) system used to send television signal throughout a multi-room hotel, dorm, assisted living or healthcare property. You can distribute as many channels as you have modules in your head end system. Every TV or display in every room will receive all the channels.

Our engineers are experts in the installation and maintenance of commercial systems. We have many years of experience planning and installing MATV and SMATV projects, which enable you to provide a high quality TV and radio service throughout a residential building or commercial complex. We will carefully design your MATV or SMATV installation to suit your building, meaning you can be confident of great reception and no interference between various television units.

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CyberLink IT Services is founded by a group of professionals who has been operating in low current systems for the last 10 years. We deliver high quality services in networking solutions such as fiber optic transmission, Ethernet and security solutions.

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